Must Watch Movies Before Visiting the Motherland

You’ve booked your ticket, planned your itinerary and packed your bags but how have you prepare yourself to connect to the culture? Here are 5 ways to prepare…

  • Sample the cuisine
  • Research online
  • Learn the language
  • Listen to experiences
  • Watch Movies with a Mission to inform and inspire dialogue

Movies with a Mission

SankofaSankofa, an Akan word meaning “One must return to the past in order to move forward” Streaming on Netflix

Mona, a contemporary African American model is on a shoot at the infamous slave forts in Ghana, West Africa. Spirits lingering in the dungeons that were used to detain enslaved Africans over a century earlier possess her. She becomes Shola, “house slave” on a sugar plantation; she is in love with Shango, a rebellious field slave and she idolizes Nunu, her surrogate mother. Shola too, learns rebellion when the master advances on her one too many times. After her trials, Shola returns to the present as Mona, deeply aware of her African roots.

500 years later Rent or Buy

Beautifully filmed with compelling discussions with the world’s leading scholars, 500 Years Later explores the collective atrocities that uprooted Africans from their culture and homeland and scattered them into the vehement winds of the New World, 500 years ago. Infused with the spirit and music of liberation, this epic documentary span over 25 countries to explore the victories and struggles of a people who have fought and continue to fight for the most essential human fight – freedom.

MotherlandRent or Buy

Motherland is the most powerful documentary on Africa. Fusing history, culture, politics, and contemporary issues, Motherland sweeps across Africa to tell a new story of a dynamic continent. From the glory and majesty of Africa’s past through its complex history. Africa as you have never seen it.

Traces of the Trade: A Story From the Deep NorthRent or Buy
A unique and disturbing journey of discovery into the history and “living consequences” of one of the United States’ most shameful episodes — slavery. In this bicentennial year of the U.S. abolition of the slave trade, one might think the tragedy of African slavery in the Americas has been exhaustively told. Katrina Browne thought the same, until she discovered that her slave-trading ancestors from Rhode Island were not an aberration. Rather, they were just the most prominent actors in the North’s vast complicity in slavery, buried in myths of Northern innocence.

Browne — a direct descendant of Mark Anthony DeWolf, the first slaver in the family — took the unusual step of writing to 200 descendants, inviting them to journey with her from Rhode Island to Ghana to Cuba and back, recapitulating the Triangle Trade that made the DeWolfs the largest slave-trading family in U.S. history. Nine relatives signed up. Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North is Browne’s spellbinding account of the journey that resulted.

The Healing Passage: Voices From The WaterBuy

How do we heal from the residuals of The Middle Passage? Cultural artists, along with historians and healers, look at present day behavior that is connected to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. For more than 300 years Africans were carried from their homeland, across the Atlantic Ocean (“The Middle Passage”), into chattel slavery in the Americas and the Caribbean. The residual impact of this African Holocaust still reverberates in the world today through psychological trauma, genetic memory, personal and community consciousness. The artists use music, dolls, dance, altars, spoken word, visual art and ritual to create paths to healing.

Prince among SlavesRent or Buy

The true story of Prince Abdul-Rahman, stolen from West Africa and sold into slavery on a plantation in Mississippi in 1788. His battle for freedom over forty years attracted the support of men such as President John Quincy Adams and he eventually became the most famous African in America. Abdul-Rahman survived the harsh ordeals of slavery through his love of family and his deep faith as a Muslim.

Slavery by Another NameRent or Buy

Slavery by Another Name challenges one of Americans’ most cherished assumptions: the belief that slavery in this country ended with the Emancipation Proclamation. The film tells how even as chattel slavery came to an end in the South in 1865, thousands of African Americans were pulled back into forced labor with shocking force and brutality. It was a system in which men, often guilty of no crime at all, were arrested, compelled to work without pay, repeatedly bought and sold, and coerced to do the bidding of masters. Tolerated by both the North and South, forced labor lasted well into the 20th century.

Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent Buy

Hidden Colors is a documentary about the real and untold history of people of color around the globe. This film discusses some of the reasons the contributions of African and aboriginal people have been left out of the pages of history. Traveling around the country, the film features scholars, historians, and social commentators who uncovered such amazing facts about things such as: *The original image of Christ *The true story about the Moors *The original people of Asia *The great west African empires *The presence of Africans in America before Columbus *The real reason slavery was ended And much more.

Slavery and the Making of America – Buy

A documentary of the history of American slavery from its beginnings in the British colonies through the years of post-Civil War Reconstruction, this series examines the integral role slavery played in shaping the new country and challenges the long held notion that it was exclusively a Southern enterprise. The remarkable stories of individual slaves offer fresh perspectives on the slave experience.

Rise of the Black Pharaohs – Buy

The Kushites were a little-known African civilization that rose up and overthrew the Ancient Egyptians. Egypt and early archaeologists wanted history to forget them, but National Geographic is finally revealing the truth about the mysterious Black Pharaohs.

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