Pack Like A Pro: What’s in Your Bag?

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Pack smarter not as a hoarder! Look I’m guilty of it, I admitted I have tried to bring everything but the kitchen sink. But in my defense when you traveling to countries where you can’t pop into a Walmart on a dime you have to be prepared. But is that really being prepared or just loaded down with a whole lot of stuff? Well some of that stuff should include some travel essentials that can help keep you organized, comfortable, healthy and enjoying that on-the-go life.  Start packing your bags with this list of must haves for your next adventure.  

20 Travel Essentials

  1. Travel Wallet & Documents Organizer
  2. Fitness Watch
  3. Travel Scarf with pockets
  4. Melatonin Gummies
  5. Packable Backpack
  6. Noise-cancelling earbuds
  7. Collapsible water bottle
  8. Foldable Travel Ballet flats
  9. Exercise bands
  10. Travel-sized essentials oils
  11. Handheld luggage scale
  12. Vacuum storage bags
  13. Sleep Mask
  14. Wallet case for phone with cross body strap
  15. Earplugs
  16. Universal Travel Adapter
  17. iPhone Battery Case
  18. Packing cubes with shoe and wet bag
  19. Travel Pillow
  20. Waterproof phone pouch

Visit to learn more before you go and to plan your next adventure!

Theresa Noni Charles, Cultural Travel Planner. Educator. Explorer.

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