Staying Healthy in Ghana

The first time I traveled to Ghana I thought I packed everything but realized not the most important thing until I arrived…. insect repellent…I was eaten alive. You will hear this a lot but it’s true, don’t drink the local water! I was traveling solo and ran out of bottled water while traveling from Accra to a rural area 3 hours away. I just knew the school I was visiting would have a nice cold bottled water waiting for me.  I was excited with anticipation but was greeted with local water because they ran out of bottled water. I made an impaired (near dehydration) decision to drink the local water. And the result was me being laid up in a hotel for two days to recuperate because I was too sick to travel back to Accra. Oh, and let’s not forget travelers’ diarrhea, all I’m going to say is don’t leave home without those pills.

These were some of my lessons learned years ago during my first two trips to Ghana. Enjoy your adventure but heed my cautionary tale and safeguard your travels.

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Health Tip #1: Take a prescription anti-malaria drug. Holistic Perspective: The Nim Tree has medicinal attributes against malaria (Nim Tea).


Health Tip #2: Spray yourself and your clothing with insect repellent containing 30 percent DEET.


Health Tip #3: Wear long light-colored pants and shirts with long sleeves in the evenings.

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Health Tip #4: Do Not eat food from street vendors. Boil it, cook it, peel it or forget it. Make sure food is well cooked.

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Health Tip #5: Only drink sealed bottled water. No ice cubes.


Health Tip #6: Use Sunscreen with at least SPF 15.

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Health Tip #7: Don’t forget to pack your medications along with a personal first aid kit.

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